Friday, May 11, 2007

I saw Spider-man 3 last week but I've been having a hard time writing a review. It's made a staggering amount of money ($148million on its opening weekend, a figure which keeps being added to each week it's out) but it left me very underwhelmed. It's no secret that this was to have been two separate films and the pacing here suffers if you bear that fact in mind. So we have not one, not two but three villains facing Peter Parker (Can you say Batman Forever?), although one has a change of heart, which isn't really that credible to be honest. Thomas Haden Church as The Sandman visually looks the part with his stripey jumper but he seems embarrassed to be here. Topher Grace as Eddie Brock, who becomes Venom, is suitably brattish but only gets about 20 minutes of runing time at the end, while James Franco, reprising his Harry Osborn role, is the foe who has a change of heart and teams up with Spider-man. Raimi has introduced the alien symbiote, which was the reason for the character's switch to the black costume briefly back in the 1980s, into the film continuity, so cue some of the more toe-curling scenes in the movie, with Peter Parker getting a personality change. Bruce Campbell's cameo as a slightly deranged French waiter lifts the proceedings a little but it's really not enough. Spider-man 3 is a big unwieldy mess. But it seems that doesn't matter as the next three Spider-man movies have already been greenlit. The box office has spoken.
I'm going to be at this weekend's Bristol Comic Expo at the Commonwealth Museum, so if you're there, please come and say hello. I'm doing two panels (hosting Paul Cornell and Allan Heinberg discussing TV writers switching to comics at 12noon on the Saturday and, at 4pm on the same day, a TRIPWIRE Annual panel). I'll also have some page designs with me, so feel free to stop me and have a look. It's falling into shape nicely…



Blogger sacha said...

I presume you saw Spiderman 3. What a tragedy. I'm hoping for good things from Beowulf.

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