Sunday, August 31, 2008

So after I went to Stanton Drew, we sat and had lunch and decided to head south to a place called South Cadbury, near Yeovil in Somerset (nothing to do with Chocolate:)). It has this, if you ask me, rather silly association with King Arthur even though there's no historical evidence to back this up and so you have pubs called Camelot near it. But be that as it may, it's a 7th century hillfort which now just looks like a strangely-shaped hill. It made me realise that we have our work cut out for us with the pagan book. Having said that, the views from it are pretty spectacular and you can see for miles from its top. It was hard to imagine it as an actual defensive fort but it was still interesting and worth visiting. So here are some photos I took of it…

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Two weekends ago, I went down to Taunton to see Dave Morris and begin research on this Pagan Atlas of Great Britain that I'm planning with Andy Grossberg. It was a magnificent weekend: it started with me stopping off to see my brother in Clifton in Bristol and we had lunch together before I headed off to Taunton. The weather was pretty decent on the Friday and I really enjoyed seeing places I had never been to before. I'd never driven across the Clifton Suspension Bridge and the other side of the bridge had places that I wanted to stop at but I couldn't. On Saturday, we went to visit a stone circle at a place called Stanton Drew, about 7 miles from Bristol. It isn't as impressive as Avebury and you have to use your imagination to see them as complete stone circles but it was still very interesting. There's a small three stone circle called The Cove there which is now in a pub garden (!). Trying to get decent photos of the circle where they looked more than just bits of disconnected stone in a field was bloody hard and made me realise that this isn't going to be an easy book to put together. But it kicked off my pagan research in a positive way. So here are some photos of Clifton and Stanton Drew. Posts on South Cadbury and Glastonbury to follow. By the way, this month celebrates my two-year anniversary on Blogger…

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

And here are a few more photos from around the City, including the church spire of Mary-Le-Bow on Cheapside, the church that, if you were born within the sound of its bells, you were a true cockney, the Golden Boy of Cock Lane, to commemorate where the Great Fire of London ended (a reference to a quote attributed to the then Mayor of London who claimed that the fire was so small 'it could be pissed out by a woman'), a photo of Smithfield Meat Market, Old Bailey, St Pauls in the sunshine and a few other places…

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