Friday, July 31, 2009

So I'm just back from my exhausting trip to San Diego Comic-Con and just beginning to get my brain back together again. I'll be breaking it up into bite sized chunks for people to read so here is the first post. Unlike previous years, we decided to make it a little bit of an extended trip. It's a pretty knackering trip from the UK (11 plus hours on the plane) so we thought that it might make more sense to do it as a nine day affair. So myself and Andy (Colman, who hadn't been since 2005) booked the Embassy Suites from Monday 20th to July 29th. Now for anyone who's ever been, getting the hotel is like planning a military operation: rooms sell out in seconds of them being opened up by those geniuses at Travel Planners and you want to be as close as you can to the show geographically. The Embassy Suites is alright: about four blocks from the Convention Center, rooms have their own fridge, microwave and a pull-out bed as well as a regular bed. So we got in on Monday evening West Coast time after a whole day of travelling and reached the Embassy Suites, exhausted but happy we had got there safely. The TRIPWIRE Annual 2009 had turned up in one piece and they looked great. This is the third year running that the first time I'd seen them in print was in San Diego. We had a quick dinner with our friend Jim Johnson at Sammy's Woodfired Pizza and then fell into bed. Tuesday was pretty uneventful: once I'd picked up our exhibitor badges, dropped a couple of boxes of TRIPWIRE at our table, Andy C went into the hall to talk to the golden and silver age dealers while I went off to Horton Plaza to try and see Up. The hall is so odd without its hordes of people. So here are some photos in San Diego before the madness of Comic-Con 2009 began taken with my D60, which I had to buy when my D40x packed up two days before I left for the States…

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