Saturday, March 23, 2013

Bryan Singer's Jack The Giant Slayer is a film that was finished a little while back but apparently because of extra work needed on its 3D scenes, it has only just been released. 2013 is beginning to feel a bit like the year of the fairy tale movie with Raimi's Oz The Great and Terrible and the atrocious Hansel & Gretel Witch Hunters. Jack The Giant Slayer tells the story of the eponymous Jack (Nicholas Hoult) who grows up with stories of giants trapped in a magical kingdom above his home. The giants plot to return to terra firma and wreak havoc on the humans and Jack unwittingly gives them the conduit to make this a reality. King Brahmwell (Ian McShane) sends his best knight Elmont (Ewan MacGregor) to defeat the giants but it takes simple farmhand Jack to rout them and win the hand of the beautiful princess Isabelle (Eleanor Tomlinson). Jack The Giant Slayer feels like the sort of films they used to make in the Seventies and Eighties and with a predominantly British cast, it feels like no other Bryan Singer film to date. The dialogue is a little bit hackneyed and stilted but the film does have its heart in the right place, there are some strong visual touches and a solid cast including MacGregor and Stanley Tucci. It also feels less manipulative than Hansel & Gretel and with a simple plot that should appeal to young audiences over the Easter holidays. Not a perfect film by any means but an eminently enjoyable oneā€¦

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